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As promised!!

Meet Brice Kennedy! After a fire broke out in his parents' house and took the lives of both his mother and father, Brice recieved a huge chunk of change. He decided to build himself a home in Veronaville. Before moving to Veronaville, Brice was quite the wild one. You know the story, different girl everynight...but after moving, he decided it was time to settle down, be a family sim. He hoped he would find the perfect woman right in town.

Brice Kennedy: Family Sim
Lifetime Want: Become Captain Hero
Sign: Cancer
S/N: 5
S/O: 5
L/A: 6
S/P: 3
G/N: 6
Turn Ons: Make up, blondes
Turn Offs: Stink

He loved his new land so much that he slept in his car while it was being built. He decided to build a whole extra bedroom for if someone crashed at his place. He went with a more "girly theme" for it, just incase there were ladies staying over. The room even had its own bathroom.

(obviously I suck at building homes, lol.)

Being the family sim that he, he immediately wanted to build up some skills. He pondered for a moment on which to work on first. Cooking seemed to be the right answer.

Soon came the welcome wagon. Right away he took interest in Nicole Blide, greeting her with a nod.

Trying to be a good host, he went to work serving food. Unfortunately, he had only gained one cooking skill before the welcome wagon came through, so lunch meat sandwhiches it is!

Nicole is just Brice's type. Her hair is blonde enough, she's a makeup wearer and she obviously doesn't stink! Kissing comes into the conversation rather quickly.

After sharing some stories of kisses, they all move to the hot tub as darkness closes in.

After a half hour or so in the hot tub, Brice tells his guests that he has to be up early for his first day at his new job. Everyone says goodbye and leave on good terms. The next morning at 8:00 a.m. Brice could be seen getting into a beat up old car to go to work (even though he has two very nice vehicles.)

While at work, Brice recieves a phone call. Even though it's only his first day, he tries to take things into his own hands. This does not go over well and Brice is fired on the spot.

As soon as Brice gets home, he picks up the newspaper and looks for a new job. All he can do is think about being fired on the first day. Who would want to marry someone who can't even keep a job for 4 hours? Would he get fired from the next job as well?

He decides company might help and phones Nicole. They had become friends just the night before so of course she says she'll come over. They greet each other with a hug...a hug that Brice needed quite badly.

He begins to flirt with her, realizing he's building up quite a crush.

He prepares some spaghetti for the two of them but ends up eating alone. Nicole was in the living room, playing video games.

His mind just can't let go of the fact that he's been fired.

He flirts with the beautiful girl standing in his living room, but still he finds himself depressed over his job.

It's getting late again, Brice doesn't tell her he was fired, just that he has to get up early for his job tomorrow (which is true because he found another job in the business carrer track.) They've flirted back and forth and shared a friendly hug but Brice hasn't been able to get the courage to kiss her. However, when he mentions it's getting late and that he will call her after work, she leans in a bit so he just goes with it.

Brice goes to bed that night with his head about to burst. He lays in bed for hours wondering if there is a future for Nicole and himself. He also decides business is not his place, tomorrow he will look for a job in the law enforcement track.

Will any of this work out for Brice? Wait and see...
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