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The Kennedy Family, that's right, family!

Remember Brice Kennedy?

Well, I didn't play for a long time so I obviously haven't updated and then when I started to play, I couldn't this is going to be a poor excuse for an update :( What I mean is, lots of stuff is going to be covered in here so it's not going to be very detailed writing. Sorry :(

So Brice did indeed get a job in the law enforcement track. He started seeing Nicole more and more. He could never get her off his mind. He fell for her, and he fell for her fast. He knew what he wanted.

Nicole was surprised and thrilled. She couldn't stand to wait any longer. She called up some friends and had Brice do the same. They got married that very night.

The wedding party went alright. The honeymoon went according to plan, everything was going perfect. They had talked about starting a family (both being family sims and all) and before they knew it, Nicole kept finding herself in the bathroom.

Although Nicole wanted to find herself a career, Brice wouldn't have it. He's the man and the man should support the family. He was promoted several times.

One night Nicole woke up feeling very sick. She looked down and her thoughts of being pregnant were confirmed.

Although the baby wasn't born yet, Brice was acting as a wonderful father. He was constantly rubbing Nicole's belly, talking to the unborn child, giving Nicole backrubs. He hated to see the woman he loved in pain and tried to make her as comfortable as possible.

As much as Nicole enjoyed the pampering, she didn't like feeling like she couldn't do the things she loved. She often put on the stereo and danced with her man ;)

As Nicole dreamed of her husband, he dreamed of another. He loved his wife dearly but he couldn't help but include another in his dreams.

Just as Brice's dream was coming to the climax, he was awoken by his wife screaming. The baby was ready to come into the world!

It's a beautiful baby boy!! They name him Chase after Brice's best friend that was killed in a car accident. Nicole loves being a new mother.

She loves it so much infact, she and Brice discuss having another. Both being only childs, they know how lonely it can be. Because Nicole is a stay at home mom and housewife, they decide to go for it. It doesn't take too long before her belly is popping out again.

Soon it's time to say goodbye to baby Chase and hello to toddler Chase. That's right...terrible twos, here we come! But he turns out very cute and isn't a difficult child at all.

As one baby grows, another is born.

Another baby boy! This one they name Caleb. Caleb doesn't have a special meaning to them, Nicole just thought it was a cute name :) I'm not sure what Brice is doing in this picture but he looks quite appologetic. :\

Once again, I'm sorry that sucked but I figured if I don't do it now, I never will and that'll be two stories just dragging.

However, you can expect better updates with the next chapters, I swear :)
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